The installation and management of the mooring buoys for yachts have been organized after the law “littoral” came into force.

These buoys have been installed for sailors who may not find a berth in harbors during the summer season. But this opens for a different and varied sailing experience.

The city of Porto Vecchio came under this regime in 2002. After a public hearing in 2003, the anchorage organized in Santa Giulia has been officially created by inter prefectoral decree n° 04-661 of April 23rd, 2004.

In March 2007 the municipality selects Aztech Marine for the installation and the management of the zone.

Moorings were operational in May 2007.The installation is carried out with alternative anchorings Manta Ray® , using the expert testimony and the advices of JLD International.

All mooring lines are suspended under water, no element comes in contact with the seabed.

The access and the use of the buoys are conditioned by a police regulation and a rules of use.

Think of the Eco-gestures and to respect the maritime beaconing.

Produced by Aztech Marine
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